Mk1 Yoyos is based in Florida, but has team members from around the world.

A young man with headphones and a yoyo

Jack Hudspath

Long string gang. He likes yoyos. He also enjoys composing music, singing, and playing the ukulele.


Elliot Ding

Medium string gang. He likes yoyos. Has a penchant for photography.


Max Choo

Short string gang. He likes yoyos, Gundam, skateboarding, and many other things.


Erick Osorio – EOS44

Medium/Short string gang. He likes yoyos, guitar and music in general, drawing and moderating online communities. He hails from El Salvador and has been yoyoing since 2016.


A man with a yoyo

Mark Diehr

Yeah, I named my yoyo company after myself. I like designing yoyos, crochet, programming computers, and raising my 3 daughters with my wonderful wife.

I live in Florida!


A little girl


My box-assembly helper. She likes decoding intergalactic alphabets.

A domestic tabby cat


Short hair gang. He likes yoyo string.