The Mk1 Headquarters is in Atlanta, GA, but we have team members from around the world.

A young man with headphones and a yoyo

Jack Hudspath

The OG Mk1 player. He likes yoyos. He also enjoys composing music, singing, working with synths, and playing the ukulele.


Elliot Ding

Medium string gang. He likes yoyos. Has a penchant for photography. Bassoon player and League of Legends fan.


Max Choo

Short string gang. Tech wizard. He likes yoyos, Gundam, skateboarding, and many other things.


Erick Osorio – EOS44

Medium/Short string gang. He likes yoyos, guitar and music in general, drawing and moderating online communities. He hails from El Salvador and has been yoyoing since 2016.


Connor Sheahan

Famously known as Hamdog. Started yoyoing in 2017. Has a penchant for watermelon colored yoyos. Might be interested in geology (rocks). A lovely yoyoer who always wants to do more.


Luis Lizardo

Luis is a friendly and supportive yoyoer who seems to make everything around him more pleasant. Once upon a time, a stage fell apart during one of his yoyo performances. In 2021 he took 21st place in Scales V. He plays guitar and has a cool dog. Luis can type 80-90 minutes with just his index fingers. It’s not the best way to type quickly but you have to respect the raw speed.


A man with a yoyo

Mark Diehr

Yeah, I named my yoyo company after myself. I like designing yoyos, crochet, programming computers, and raising my 3 daughters with my wonderful wife.

I live in Florida!


A little girl


My box-assembly helper. She likes decoding intergalactic alphabets.

A domestic tabby cat


Short hair gang. He likes yoyo string.