Mk1 Yoyos has been releasing yoyos since 2018. Here are all of our production models – designs that were sold to the public.

Mk1 Spyglass

Mk1 x Spiral SLIVER

Mk1 x Spinworthy RBC

Mk1 Contact

Mk1 Contact Yoyo

Mk1 Exia

Mk1 Exia Yoyo

Mk1 x OPYOYOS Converge

Mk1 x OPYOYOS Converge Yoyo

Mk1 Umbra

Mk1 Umbra Yoyo

Mk1 Diffraction 2

Mk1 Diffraction 2 Yoyo

Mk1 Diffraction

Mk1 Diffraction Yoyo