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  • Desert Roads – MK1 Yoyos x Caralisc

    Desert Roads – MK1 Yoyos x Caralisc

    Been looking forward to this – you may know Carl from his cool yoyo reviews + music creations. He’s been on my radar for a while and this was ultimately a very natural addition to team MK1. Please give this video a watch – it’s filled with great stuff & nice music!

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  • MK1.BMP


    BMP (also known as Bernardo) is a wonderful yoyo-player from Brazil with a smooth techy style. He has a cat (Rukia) and loves to study music. We love everything about him, and it’s our pleasure to have him join the Mk1 Yoyos team. Yoyoer – Bernardo – Brass Exia

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  • The Bathysphere Yoyo Design

    The Bathysphere Yoyo Design

    The Bathysphere was released a bit ago now, but I wanted to share some of the work that went into its design and development. Being a collaboration design, between myself and TRT, the process gets drawn out a bit, and this project actually started in 2022. Let’s look back! I’ve known Bruce & Jess of…

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