The Umbra is a really wide and light-weight monometal yoyo from Mk1 Yoyos. Just under 62 grams and just about 55mm wide – it’ll inspire you to try new things.

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The Umbra is a really wide and light-weight monometal yoyo, our 2nd release. This design owes a lot to the earlier “cubic” and ultra wide yoyos that paved the way – including the CLASHcube, Superwide, Atlas, Qubit, and 543. These yoyos proved that wide can be good, but much like regular sized yoyos, there’s always something new to find.

I started working on this design in 2018 just after designing the Diffraction v1. There’s an allure to certain numbers and patterns that draw me in, and the concept of a cubic yoyo (whose diameter and width were the same) was something that became a small obsession in the following months. After the Diffraction v2 was released, I met and then sponsored Jack Hudspath, who gave valuable feedback on the design. The prototypes were an absolute joy – light and bouncy, quick, but just enough stability to feel reliable. We came up with two colorways together, a pink/purple fade to match the Diffraction 2 colorway, and a signature blue/bluegrey fade for Jack. We simplified the hub design, and I sent it to production.

Width: 55mm
Diameter: 55mmm
Weight: 61.2g
Gap: 4.5mm

Watch our sponsored player Jack Hudspath show off the Umbra yoyo: