Diffraction v3


The Mk1 Diffraction v3 is a monometal yoyo designed for comfort and performance, utilizing a smooth inverse-round shape and a unique fingerspin cup. It’s an updated version of the first yoyo that Mk1 ever released. 7075 Aluminum 10mm axle 46mm wide 56mm diameter 4.6mm gap 64.4g


In the Diffraction, the “ski jump” clearly separates the two sections of the yoyo, acting as an inflection point for both aesthetics and purpose.

The inside of the profile is “inverse round”, pulling away from a theoretical straight line in a curve, starting at the slight response bump and ending at the ski jump. This section does three things:

  1. Keeps string contact with the yoyo body very low
  2. Allows for good finger grinds
  3. Acts as a counterpart for the shape of the cup

The outside of the profile rounds out to the edge, improving comfort and rim weight compared to a theoretical straight line from the ski jump to the rim edge. Because it’s steeper closer to the center, it still pretty readily pushes the string in the correct direction.

A fun exercise for the budding designer is to draw a similar shape, but with the inflection point moved. There’s lots to discover with this type of shape, from the subtle to the surprising.

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