Mk1 Brass Exia Yoyo (b-grade)


The original Exia was released in 2020, and had three production runs, making it the most popular Mk1 yoyo so far. This update swaps out the steel weight rings for heavier brass, giving it more overall mass and power.

It retains all of the other features of the Exia – the wide wing shape, the comfortable catch, the smooth blast finish, the higher aluminum alloy and 10mm axle. The KonKave bearing shape is used with permission from Dif-e-Yo.

These Exias are b-graded for minor vibration and anodizing errors.

Silver, black, and rose colored Exia yoyos on a wood surface, outdoors.

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Mk1 Brass Exia

7068 aluminum alloy + Brass weight rings
47.3mm wide
55.6mm diameter
10mm axle
C Bearing
19mm response pads