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  • 44Tutorials

    Mk1 team member EOS44 has been very, very busy in the yoyo tutorial sphere with great intermediate to advanced content. Here’s some recent videos that we recommend! Make sure you subscribe here.

  • Mk1 Contact

    Mk1 Contact

    The Mk1 Contact is an lightweight organic yoyo that releases on February 27th at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, YoyoWorld, and YoYoTricks. $45 for solids, $50 for fades. Diameter 56.9mm Width 45.3mm Mass 62.6g Material 6061 aluminum 10mm axle and wide C bearing for unresponsive yoyoing 8mm axle and slim C bearing for responsive yoyoing

  • Mk1 Design Contest

    Mk1 Design Contest

    When I started designing yoyos it wasn’t clear where it would take me. There was almost a year between my first tiny batch of Diffractions and the first bigger run of 60. I always enjoyed talking to the handful of other designers I knew, and one of my dreams at the time was to collaborate…

  • Mk1 Umbra Release

    Mk1 Umbra Release

    The Umbra is now available on the MK1 Store, at YoYoExpert, YoYoSam, and

  • Crochet your own Yoyo Bag

    Crochet your own Yoyo Bag

    Back when I started yoyoing, I was inspired by this post on Throwcafe about crochet. I’ve since picked up crochet as a side hobby, and beyond making the pop-culture sensation “baby yoda”, I developed my own variant yoyo bag that was included in the Diffraction 2 release. I recently downloaded the information about this yoyo…

  • Umbra

    Back in May I started working on an ultra-wide 55mm x 55mm design, with a 55 gram weight, a mathematical obsession with a single number that would show up repeatedly in the yoyo. I eventually scaled the weight up to 62g, refined the profile, and put it on the back burner while getting the Diffraction…