Mk1 Yoyos x Luis Lizardo

Luis is a friendly, supportive person who makes everything around him more positive. I first met him when I was starting out my own yoyo journey, back when I was making and trading hand-made yoyo strings with people. I even made him a terrible metal string that he apparently never received.

Last year, we got talking again, and things lined up to where we wanted to work together in yoyo. I’m very excited to present: Luis Lizardo.

Make sure you follow Luis on Instagram.

Mk1 Exia Yoyo Release

We released a new yoyo, the Mk1 Exia, which is now available at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, YoyoWorld, and YoyoTricks. It’s an inner-ring 7068 bimetal and retails for $95.

product image

The Exia was designed to be light-weight yet uncompromising, with an efficient and aggressive weighting that still feels natural to hold and throw. The aesthetics, engraving, and name were inspired by Gundam, a universe filled with great media and its own amazing hobbies.

Much of the design inspiration came from Mk1 team member Max. Give him a follow and check out his cool style.

Mk1 Design Contest

When I started designing yoyos it wasn’t clear where it would take me. There was almost a year between my first tiny batch of Diffractions and the first bigger run of 60. I always enjoyed talking to the handful of other designers I knew, and one of my dreams at the time was to collaborate with one of them to make something special. The Converge with @opyoyos is the product of such a collaboration.

Now I want to know what your yoyo dreams are. For this contest, use the template in this post and draw a unique yoyo with something special to make it stand out. Then, post it and tag #mk1designcontest and @mk1yoyos.

Crochet your own Yoyo Bag

Back when I started yoyoing, I was inspired by this post on Throwcafe about crochet. I’ve since picked up crochet as a side hobby, and beyond making the pop-culture sensation “baby yoda”, I developed my own variant yoyo bag that was included in the Diffraction 2 release.

I recently downloaded the information about this yoyo bag from my brain to a PDF. Crochet patterns are a type of programming, including comments, loops, commands, and other syntax that should be familiar to folks who are computer-inclined. This pattern took about an hour the first time I made it, when I was new to crochet.


Back in May I started working on an ultra-wide 55mm x 55mm design, with a 55 gram weight, a mathematical obsession with a single number that would show up repeatedly in the yoyo. I eventually scaled the weight up to 62g, refined the profile, and put it on the back burner while getting the Diffraction 2 ready to go over the summer.

In September I ordered prototypes and they went over well with the very small Mk1 team. This yoyo has a distinct feel that results from its broad rims, efficient weight placement, and low overall mass. Jack told me after trying it, “I’m loving the wide boi”, and frankly, I love it too, though it took quite a while to pick a final name. Finally we found “Umbra”, the darkest part of a shadow cast by a solid object, which ties into Mk1’s theme of light and optics.

The Umbra will be available in January in two different fade colorways. We’re all excited to see what you think of them.

Weight~61 grams
Material7068 Aluminum