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  • Desert Roads – MK1 Yoyos x Caralisc

    Desert Roads – MK1 Yoyos x Caralisc

    Been looking forward to this – you may know Carl from his cool yoyo reviews + music creations. He’s been on my radar for a while and this was ultimately a very natural addition to team MK1. Please give this video a watch – it’s filled with great stuff & nice music!

  • MK1.BMP


    BMP (also known as Bernardo) is a wonderful yoyo-player from Brazil with a smooth techy style. He has a cat (Rukia) and loves to study music. We love everything about him, and it’s our pleasure to have him join the Mk1 Yoyos team. Yoyoer – Bernardo – Brass Exia

  • The Bathysphere Yoyo Design

    The Bathysphere Yoyo Design

    The Bathysphere was released a bit ago now, but I wanted to share some of the work that went into its design and development. Being a collaboration design, between myself and TRT, the process gets drawn out a bit, and this project actually started in 2022. Let’s look back! I’ve known Bruce & Jess of…

  • A Path Long Traveled

    A Path Long Traveled

    🎂 Special Note: It’s Jack’s birthday today! Use coupon code PATH19 to get 19% off of the Mk1 Path. Nov 3rd only. 🎁 Get an Mk1 Path / Get a b-grade Mk1 Path Jack Hudspath was the first yoyoer I ever sponsored at Mk1Yoyos. Working on a signature yoyo design for him was always in…

  • Cedric X MK1 – Welcome to the team

    Cedric Khong is a technical yoyoer from Singapore who you may have seen around the various yo-yo Discord communities. He met up with UK-based Mk1 player Elliot Ding to record this video at the Alexandra Technopark Tunnel in Singapore. We’re excited to have him on the team! Yoyo used: An ultra high-definition prototype

  • Mk1 Path – Jack Hudspath Signature Yoyo

    The Path is now available! Buy one right here. This durable yoyo is constructed out of 7075 aluminum alloy, has a wide shape to make landing tricks easier, and features art from Jack Hudspath on some colorways.

  • Mk1 Yoyos x YoyoExpert May Giveaway

    First, learn this trick by Jack Hudspath: Then, post your take on the YoyoExpert forums. You can also get bonus entries for the random draw by posting & tagging us on Instagram or YouTube.

  • Behold, a Unicorn

    I’ve wanted to make a yoyo like this for years, now. A much earlier version had a shape more curved inward, with full outer weight rings. My design sensibilities (and skill) have improved in the meantime, and with the additional experience from working on the Gemstones, I felt compelled to finish this up and order…

  • The Dynames Yoyo

    Making a signature yoyo design is a lot of work. Instead of grabbing ideas from my brain and putting them directly into FreeCAD, I have to carefully extract them from someone else’s thoughts via regular communication channels, translate them into detailed specifications, draw them in FreeCAD, and then show the result to the other person…

  • Diffraction v3

    Yoyoers: Mark, Jack, EOS, MaxYoyo: Diffraction v3, now available You can also get the Diffraction yoyo at Motmotshop, YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, and Yoyotricks.