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  • Nathan Crissey joins Mk1 Yoyos

    National Yoyo Master and very nice person Nathan Crissey was already a fan of Mk1 yoyos when I asked him if he wanted to join. I knew that, of course, having asked him if he was a fan of Mk1 yoyos beforehand. This was a natural result of our online friendship, such as things are.…

  • Mk1 Spyglass Design Notes

    The Spyglass is the latest yoyo design from Mk1 Yoyos, our third bimetal, and eighth release overall. It takes design inspiration from previous Mk1 releases, the Diffraction and Contact, combining them into something wholly unique in our lineup. We’re excited for it. Are you? I documented the design and production process on YouTube in a…

  • Developing the Sliver

    Developing the Sliver

    The design of the Sliver, a new yoyo from Mk1 and Spiral, began with a threat. Jamie (Spiral owner) immediately responded with some slimline/mini thoughts, and a 37mm wide concept that he had been working on intermittently. This was back in 2020, early in the year, before even the Kappa had released. Talk about a…

  • Mk1 and Spinworthy – The RBC

    The RBC yoyo is a collaborative effort between MK1 Yoyos and Spinworthy. The idea behind this project was to take one of Spinworthy’s popular wooden models, the Blood Cell, and recreate it in high-quality 7068 alloy as a hollow, tug-responsive yoyo. The RBC uses a very small MR85 bearing, 5x8x2.5mm in size, and custom pads…

  • 44Tutorials

    Mk1 team member EOS44 has been very, very busy in the yoyo tutorial sphere with great intermediate to advanced content. Here’s some recent videos that we recommend! Make sure you subscribe here.

  • Mk1 Contact 2nd Run – Releasing July 30th

    Mk1 Contact 2nd Run – Releasing July 30th

    It’s back! The Mk1 Contact yoyo is re-releasing July 30th at UK Throw, YoyoSam, YoyoExpert, and YoyoTricks. Find out more about the Contact or watch a review or two. The Mk1 Contact will be $45 for solids and $50 for splashes/fades/dips. This release includes five all-new colorways for the contact, including two signature colorways for…

  • Mk1 Yoyos x Luis Lizardo

    Luis is a friendly, supportive person who makes everything around him more positive. I first met him when I was starting out my own yoyo journey, back when I was making and trading hand-made yoyo strings with people. I even made him a terrible metal string that he apparently never received. Last year, we got…

  • MK1 x HD

    Big shoutout to Connor. Welcome to the team!

  • Mk1 Contact

    Mk1 Contact

    The Mk1 Contact is an lightweight organic yoyo that releases on February 27th at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, YoyoWorld, and YoYoTricks. $45 for solids, $50 for fades. Diameter 56.9mm Width 45.3mm Mass 62.6g Material 6061 aluminum 10mm axle and wide C bearing for unresponsive yoyoing 8mm axle and slim C bearing for responsive yoyoing

  • Mk1 Exia Yoyo Release

    We released a new yoyo, the Mk1 Exia, which is now available at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, YoyoWorld, and YoyoTricks. It’s an inner-ring 7068 bimetal and retails for $95. The Exia was designed to be light-weight yet uncompromising, with an efficient and aggressive weighting that still feels natural to hold and throw. The aesthetics, engraving, and name…