Mk1 and Spinworthy – The RBC

The RBC yoyo is a collaborative effort between MK1 Yoyos and Spinworthy. The idea behind this project was to take one of Spinworthy’s popular wooden models, the Blood Cell, and recreate it in high-quality 7068 alloy as a hollow, tug-responsive yoyo.

The RBC uses a very small MR85 bearing, 5x8x2.5mm in size, and custom pads that take advantage of the small diameter of the bearing. The gap is narrow (2.3mm) to keep it very snappy, making it pleasant for modern responsive stall-based play, shoot the moons, and for classic yoyo tricks.

MK1 team member EOS has a signature colorway of the RBC. Check it out!

The RBC yoyo is available here on MK1, and also at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, and

rbc yoyo next to a cat