The Dynames Yoyo

Making a signature yoyo design is a lot of work. Instead of grabbing ideas from my brain and putting them directly into FreeCAD, I have to carefully extract them from someone else’s thoughts via regular communication channels, translate them into detailed specifications, draw them in FreeCAD, and then show the result to the other person to see how close I got.

Green yoyo with shiny stripes
Dynames, the final production version

Designing to Spec

For the Dynames, signature yoyo design of Max Choo, the design process began 2 years ago. We were in the middle of the success of the Mk1 Exia, a design that Max had a heavy hand in. For his signature yoyo, he wanted a monometal, wide, light, with a specific aesthetic that took some time to iron out. We had a core idea ready before too long, and the first prototype was based on our best effort at the time.

Max: Cook
Me: Posts an image of the Dynames CAD. What is your target weight?
Max: 64-64 range. Like 63.7
A typical design session
matte blue yoyo on a desk with a neon yellow string wrapped around it
Dynames yoyo first prototype

It was close, but needed two things to move forward. The rims were just a bit too sharp, and Max wanted to add a shiny bit in the profile, similar to the One Drop Format:C. I ordered a 2nd round of prototypes with these changes, in a gloss green that later showed up in the production run.

Production and Logos

dark grey and gold yoyo
Production Dynames

I was very, very happy with the 2nd prototype, so I rushed that to Max for his final opinion, and started working on a set of colorways for a production order. The shiny aluminum strip allowed for some additional fun aesthetics, like contrasting anodized colors, and a mix of matte and glossy in the same profile. Most of the colorways are associated to a specific Gundam model, and the engraving is reminiscent of a Gundam design, though it’s a custom work that showcases the yoyo’s profile in the horns. This cool touch & the log itself were designed by Mk1 team member EOS.

dynames yoyo and logo 3d render
Dynames engraving and logotype

As always, Max has a lot of yoyo tricks in his pocket. Please enjoy this 3 minute video with the Dynames!

The Dynames will be available soon, here on Mk1yoyos and at several of our favorite retailers. Raw is exclusive to the mk1 shop. Black + red rings is exclusive to YoyoExpert. Silver + blue rings is exclusive to Yoyosam and Motmotshop are also stocking the Dynames.