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  • Max Choo – Mk1 Exia

    Max Choo throwing the Mk1 Exia with that special blend of tech and string motion. The Exia will arrive worldwide in November.

  • Mk1 Design Contest

    Mk1 Design Contest

    When I started designing yoyos it wasn’t clear where it would take me. There was almost a year between my first tiny batch of Diffractions and the first bigger run of 60. I always enjoyed talking to the handful of other designers I knew, and one of my dreams at the time was to collaborate…

  • Mk1 Yoyos x OPYOYOS Converge

    The Converge is our new bimetal yoyo collab with OPYOYOS. Dropping Friday, July 24th, at 10AM here at Converges will cost $140, or $110 for b-grades. Width: 46mm Diameter: 58mm Weight: 62.5g Axle: 8mm Material: 7068 Al and Stainless Steel

  • Mk1 Umbra Release

    Mk1 Umbra Release

    The Umbra is now available on the MK1 Store, at YoYoExpert, YoYoSam, and

  • Crochet your own Yoyo Bag

    Crochet your own Yoyo Bag

    Back when I started yoyoing, I was inspired by this post on Throwcafe about crochet. I’ve since picked up crochet as a side hobby, and beyond making the pop-culture sensation “baby yoda”, I developed my own variant yoyo bag that was included in the Diffraction 2 release. I recently downloaded the information about this yoyo…

  • Umbra

    Back in May I started working on an ultra-wide 55mm x 55mm design, with a 55 gram weight, a mathematical obsession with a single number that would show up repeatedly in the yoyo. I eventually scaled the weight up to 62g, refined the profile, and put it on the back burner while getting the Diffraction…

  • Jack Hudspath – The Diffraction

    A little while ago I reached out to Jack to see if he’d like to try the Diffraction v2, which is a tuned-up version of my little yoyo project I started last year. He liked it, so we decided to work together. Get the Diffraction 2 on Yoyoexpert.

  • OPYOYOS x MK1 YOYOS – Elliot Ding – Converge

    Elliot hasn’t been throwing all that long but he’s already a monster. He’s worked so hard to get to the level he has and it really shows. Give him some love! He’s using the OPYOYOS x MK1 YOYOS Converge. It’s a collaboration designed to blow your face off, and it does. Jordan Blofeld OPYOYOS Website…

  • The Diffraction v2

    The Diffraction v2 is an update to the small-run original Diffraction that I released last year. We’re sold out on this site but they will be appearing on one of our favorite yoyo-themed websites soon.