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  • Mk1 Path – Jack Hudspath Signature Yoyo

    The Path is now available! Buy one right here. This durable yoyo is constructed out of 7075 aluminum alloy, has a wide shape to make landing tricks easier, and features art from Jack Hudspath on some colorways.

  • Developing the Sliver

    Developing the Sliver

    The design of the Sliver, a new yoyo from Mk1 and Spiral, began with a threat. Jamie (Spiral owner) immediately responded with some slimline/mini thoughts, and a 37mm wide concept that he had been working on intermittently. This was back in 2020, early in the year, before even the Kappa had released. Talk about a…

  • Mk1 Exia Yoyo Release

    We released a new yoyo, the Mk1 Exia, which is now available at YoyoExpert, YoyoSam, YoyoWorld, and YoyoTricks. It’s an inner-ring 7068 bimetal and retails for $95. The Exia was designed to be light-weight yet uncompromising, with an efficient and aggressive weighting that still feels natural to hold and throw. The aesthetics, engraving, and name…